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A health & wellness blog created for women to thrive through midlife & beyond creating a JOY lifestyle with clarity, confidence and courage.

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What I do

Conversations to help women thrive through your second, third and whichever act of life… Now it’s your turn to find true JOY!

My Story

As I approached my 53rd birthday, my daughter turned 21. That was the exact age I was when my mother died at the age of 53. It was a wakeup call for me! A train of realizations hit me hard and sent me on a deep spiritual journey to discover the meaning of my life. Why, who I am, and what actually should I be doing that would make me really happy?  Not everyone else’s needs and wants that filled my life, but my real purpose and ability to feel fulfillment. I set out to find my true JOY.

What I discovered in my personal journey and the journey of the thousands of women that I have worked with is that we need to face our whole story. Just like sequencing the gene in my beloved fruit fly, life is a sequence. A sequence of our past that links to our present and helps us create our future. Where we all get a bit uncomfortable is being honest with ourselves and whatever level of trauma that we have gone through which triggers us now. Through understanding the science of brain coaching these triggers lead us back to some childhood event or trauma that we never processed, because we were to young to understand and process. So, it’s okay to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Here is the place where we can read and ask questions of those things we never learned about. Safe space to have those real and raw conversations.

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