Finally finding true JOY and my purpose in my mid-50’s, I wanted to create a blog for women like me who were raised to focus on taking care of everyone else first. Self-care wasn’t a word that you heard and if you used it there was guilt and shame associated with it. This blog is a place for women, where age is just a number. They have so much life, love and things to do. Its a home for real and raw conversations, some uncomfortable ones, about relationships, sex, marriage, menopause and more with the understanding of my 3C’s of life: CHOICE, CHANCE and CHANGE. We always have a CHOICE to take a CHANCE to make a CHANGE at any age.

As a self-mastery mindset coach, speaker and author of “Alone, but Not Lonely,” I especially want to focus on women, all women, in masses for our voice, rights and equality knowing that we are stronger together.

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