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My story starts way back:



As a JOY architect, I help women be CEO of their life using science-based strategies based on brain coaching for health and wellness. These women understand the importance of self-care, however need support in making mindset shifts regarding their daily lifestyle to lower stress and improve the quality of their overall life.

People often ask me for help in finding their purpose, and my response is that begins with a journey of self-discovery.  As women, we spend our time nurturing everyone else before ourselves. We may have been born this way, however it’s time to tell our story. That is our whole, entire story!

As a molecular geneticist, I understand the science of fear, imprints and how our brain works. Fear is real and not a choice. What is a choice is how we react. Stop Fearing Change! Change is real and so is fear. Lean in and listen, because the message is invaluable. Our triggers are deep-rooted from past childhood experiences that we can’t often process until we are adults.

Self-mastery is key, so trust in your actions and decisions. To get through these changes you need to have the best relationship with the most important person which is YOU! Do you truly know who you are? That’s a journey; not a destination.

You have a Choice to take a Chance to make a Change at ANY AGE! Create the life you want and BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

And that is why I have created this blog: “Simply Midlife!” It’s our time of awakening, awareness and JOY!


As I approached my 53rd birthday, my daughter turned 21. That was the exact age I was when my mother died at the age of 53. It was a wakeup call for me! A train of realizations hit me hard and sent me on a deep spiritual journey to discover the meaning of my life. Why, who I am, and what actually should I be doing that would make me really happy?  Not everyone else’s needs and wants that filled my life, but my real purpose and ability to feel fulfillment. I set out to find my true JOY.

One of my passions is cooking and what a perfect opportunity to have real and raw conversations. Cooking and coaching allows a safe environment for conversation, food, and wine to flow. I plan to continue this by creating healthy vegetarian and vegan meals. Maybe I will even have a food truck by the beach where we can relax, eat, drink and have incredible conversations. XOXO

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